How is write from dictation scored?

What is write from dictation?

Write from dictation is an item in the Listening module of PTE. There are 3-4 items of this type.

You will hear a sentence. You have to type the sentence exactly how you heard it, word to word.


How is it scored?

Write from dictation contributes to marks in your Listening and Writing section.
You will get 1 mark for each correctly spelled word and 0 for each incorrect/misspelled word.

If you add an extra word which was not said during the sentence, you will NOT be marked negatively, the system simply won’t recognise it but this may reduce your marks.


For example:

If the sentence was: Mary went to the groceries to buy some strawberries.

And you write: Mary went to grocery to buy some strawberies.

You will get 1 mark for Mary, went, to, buy and some.
But will get 0 for the one you missed: the
And 0 for the ones you misspelled: grocery, strawberies.

Total Marks: 9
Your Marks: 5

Remember, the sequence of words and punctuation must be correct or your marks may be reduced.

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