How to answer Re-tell Lecture for band 90

What is it?

60 – 90 seconds: You will hear a short lecture.

10 seconds: After the lecture, you will have 10 seconds to prepare what you are going to say

40 seconds: Once you hear the beep you have to start talking for 40 seconds.


How is it marked?

Content Pronunciation Oral Fluency
5 Describes all elements of the image and their relationships, possible development and conclusion or implications 5 Native-like 5 Native-like
4 Describes all the key elements of the image and their relations, referring to their implications or conclusions 4 Advanced 4 Advanced
3 Deals with most key elements of the image and refers to their implications or conclusions 3 Good 3 Good
2 Deals with only one key element in the image and refers to an implication or conclusion. Shows basic understanding of several core elements of the image 2 Intermediate 2 Intermediate
1 Describes some basic elements of the image, but does not make clear their interrelations or implications 1 Intrusive 1 Limited
0 Mentions some disjointed elements of the presentation 0 Non-English 0 Disfluent

[Source: PTE Academic Score Guide Version 8/ October 2017]


How to achieve the highest possible score (15)?

Content (5 marks):

It is not possible to cover every single aspect of the lecture in 40 seconds as mentioned above to score 5 Content. So we use a little trick:

You have to identify:

Key point 1
Key Point 2
Key Point 3

This way, you will accomplish everything mentioned in content.
While speaking, use our easy template so you don’t repeat the lecture ‘word to word’.

DON’T WRITE EVERYTHING! Only write what is mentioned above or else you might get confused while speaking.

Only write:

The Topic:  is always said in the first 2 sentences. Write it in one or two words.
Conclusion: is generally the last sentence. Write it in one or two words.
Key Points: 3 important sentences (half a sentence). Don’t try and write more unless you are confident.

Pronunciation (5 marks):

Pronounce each word you say correctly. If you mispronounce, that’s fine, keep calm and move forward. Don’t ‘put on an accent’ to sound ‘native’. According to PTE, “The marking engine is trained to recognise speech from over 120 different language groups. One of the benefits of the test being computer scored is that is has no bias against any particular accent.”

Fluency (5 marks):

Don’t repeat words even if you mispronounce or forget.
Don’t miss articles like a, an and the.
Speak at a normal pace.
Take a slight pause after a period/full-stop.

WARNING: If you pause for more than 3 seconds the microphone will turn off and you will have to go to the next question!

To round it up:

Write down the topic, 3 key points and conclusion. Put them in our template and speak without hesitating or repeating. It’s that simple!

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