Should I use “COLOR” or “COLOUR” in PTE?

PTE is a computer based exam which is generally given for university entrance, permanent residency, visa requirements, etc. There are 4 modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

In Writing and Listening, there are some questions which require test takers to type their answer. One of the most asked question we’ve received is, “Should I write in American English or UK English?”.

For Example:
Spellings in American English: Color, Flavor, Center, Theater, Organize, Analyze, Traveled, Fueled, Defense, Offense, Leukemia.
Spelling in UK English: Colour, Flavour, Centre, Theatre, Organise(Organize is also used sometimes), Analyse, Travelled, Fuelled, Defence, Offence, Leukaemia.

Depending on which country you come from, you would have been taught a different form of writing English; generally either of the two mentioned above.

Australia for example uses UK English. So which form should you choose?

Anyone, but only ONE. PTE accepts all national variations of English but only one spelling convention should be consistently used (according to PTE Academic Score Guide Version 8/Oct 2017).

What does this mean? Pick one and stick to it in the entire test to avoid confusion. It is easier to pick the one you’ve studied in your home country so you won’t mess up or get confused in which spelling you should use.

At PFEC, we give our students tips that are easy to learn to help them remember different spellings so they don’t lose marks in PTE.

Need more tips or have more questions? Call us and get registered as a PFEC PTE student and we’ll solve all your queries to help you get your desired score in PTE.

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