Mock Exams

PFEC offers different mock exams every Friday/Saturday to analyse students’ performance and what their weaknesses are. Although students perform well during practice, when the real exam begins, they get nervous and perform badly. The mock test allows students to:

Familiarise format

PTE is a computer based exam which has different sections in different modules. Mock tests ensure the student is familiar with the test format and knows what to expect.

Time Management

The four PTE modules; Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening have sections that require proper time management to make sure there is enough time to answer each question- which is generally difficult to correctly manage in the first attempt. After two mock tests, students can manage their time efficiently and are able to complete each question in the test.

Personalised Feedback

After the mock test on Friday, results will be emailed to the students where they will be advised on the sections they need to improve. This way, students can concentrate more on the sections they find difficult.

Typing Practice

There is a big difference in writing with a pen and typing on the keyboard. Mock tests ensure  the student is comfortable with typing and gives them enough practice to type within the time limit of each question.